Keeping it weird in Austin: dreams and simultaneous, cross-country coffee debacles

I had a very odd dream last night and I’m still trying to figure out exactly what it meant.

Dream interpretations can be pretty obvious if you’re aware of where you’re at mentally.  I have a few ideas, but who knows.  These days leading up to the LSAT are going to get pretty weird.  After this dream, the day had some other odd surprises for me.

I dreamed that I was me (24 year old) raising myself (5-6?? year old) in my recently deceased grandmother’s house–shag carpet included.  Not much happened in the dream.  I debated including this because I want to make it very clear, I never did this as a child.  In the dream my younger self threw feces at my older self laughing the entire time and my boyfriend (who was also raising younger me as our daughter) told me not to discipline her.  So in the dream I bathed her, put her in the nighty I always used to wear, and tucked her in.  At that point she calmed down and hugged me and I’m not sure what she said to me.  But that was it.

Odd…I have no idea what it means.  I would appreciate an interpretation because I don’t get why my younger self wanted to assault me with feces.

When I got to work in the morning a friend wanted to go to Fivebucks (aka Starbucks).  I got a mocha cookie crumble frapp and a vanilla scone.  My total was $6.66.  The barrista and I joked “Oooooo, better watch out.”  As we were walking out I proceeded to trip and spill said mocha cookie crumble frapp all over my light blue shirt.  Of course, I laughed and was able to wash out the offending stain and enjoyed my frapp.  I text the story to my dad and he said he had also spilled coffee all over himself that morning…WITHIN 5 MINUTES OF WHEN I HAD!

Strange happenings folks.


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